Stop Wasting Your Precious Time…


Are you single, going out (looking, but not looking) and feeling like you’re wasting your time?

Is it discouraging to think about meeting people in new settings and new groups because you’re tired of the same results–no matter where you go? 

Maybe you could consider a slight change in your approach. Perhaps you could go places and actually …well… be present. Maybe you could show up somewhere and –BE there? What would that look like? 

Live every day as if it’s your last because one of these days you’re bound to be right. Breaker Morant

If you lived every day as if it were your last, you might NOT feel bored or restless, or that meeting other people was a waste of time. You could pay attention to the opportunities that might be right in front of you but you were unable to see. Or, if you were completely present, you might notice that you don’t like the company you keep …and you could decide not to go there again.

Here’s a new way to think about adventuring out of the house: 
Get into it. Knock yourself out when you go places. Don’t hang back, or let your shyness take over, or not participate. After all–this could be your last day. Wherever you are, roll up your sleeves and forget about the other places you COULD be. This is it for the moment.
*Look for what is good… about the people, the setting, the vibe. Then–let people know what you see. Everyone wants to be appreciated for something.
*Avoid the poison. You don’t have time for draining experiences. Nor do you need to criticize others for the consciousness they are locked into. Just remove yourself gracefully and move on to another conversation. Look for the positive people.
*Enjoy looking good –not to be better than anyone else, but to treat yourself with care and kindness and to feel good about your presentation. Guys—don’t wear funky shoes or your work shoes when you go out. Girls notice shoes. Get some shoe advice. And be sure to compliment your date on how she looks because she probably spent a lot of time on finding just the right outfit and accessories to wear. Maybe not…but maybe she did. And if so, she’d appreciate a sincere compliment.
*Reveal something funny. People warm to honest humor. Did you argue a case in court dragging a two-foot piece of toilet paper across the floor stuck to your shoe for an hour? Did you fall into the pool fully clothed on your way to check into a hotel and had to walk through the lobby soaking wet? These are actual stories people told me that made them sound terribly human. 
*Have fun: laugh, dance, sing along …and talk to people. The point of going out is to enjoy yourself. Pay attention to the times when you go out and come home feeling tired versus those times you come back full of energy. You want to continue doing the things you’re doing that gave you the good feelings.
*Go easy on the drinks. Talk about avoiding the poison. If you want to poison your evening, or people’s attitude about you, or even the moment you could have shared with someone, but you were too altered to BE there, drinking too much will rob you of all the love that wants to find you.

If you want to meet someone, you have to go out–over and over. While you’re out there, you might as well have a good time. And if you’re having a good time—and you are present–you will never be wasting your time. You also may not remain single for very long.


Be persuaded of His love…

God loves you.

After hearing that so many times it begins to lose its meaning. It’s easy to hear it with your ears and not with your heart. But these past few months I’ve been realizing how incredible that statement really is.

When I look at the night sky and see the work of your fingers—
the moon and the stars you set in place—
what are mere mortals that you should think about them,
human beings that you should care for them?
Yet you made them only a little lower than God
and crowned them with glory and honor.
You gave them charge of everything you made,
putting all things under their authority—
the flocks and the herds
and all the wild animals,
the birds in the sky, the fish in the sea,
and everything that swims the ocean currents.

O Lord, our Lord, your majestic name fills the earth!

-Psalm 8:3-9

We can study and learn about our beautiful earth and the universe as far as we can reach but we will never find the end.

To think that we cannot possibly reach the ends of this universe we live in.

To think that there is a Creator so much bigger than all of that.

To think that He spoke and creation grew into existence.

To think that we are so small, most of our greatest ambitions is to see just this planet!

To think that we as mere humans think we can understand God.

To think that as mere humans we are wiser than Him and do what we think is best.

To think that no matter what we do to ignore God or how we hurt Him, God loves us.

So why do I do those things I know are no good for me? Why ignore God and settle for second best in my life? How can I not trust God with my life? Why do I think I can possibly be good enough for Him? And yet through His grace he made us good enough.

This is God’s daily reminder to you and I. His love is enough for you. You don’t have to change to receive it. You already have it no. matter. what.  

As you begin each day, remember that truth that is bound with no reasons.

God LOVES you just because…

Judith weds Deji

Judith weds Deji

After 9 years of Courtship the duo decided to take it to the next level. And as their planner, I helped with dotting every (i)s and crossing every (t)s of their Big Day…

Pretty Bride’s Killer Disease…

Your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest, most sacred day of your life.

So why are you trying to loose your great looks in a quest to meander a nasogastric tube through your nose and into your stomach to lose 20 pounds in 10 days?

“The science is based on providing your body with only proteins and fats without carbohydrates or sugars, which force your body into what is called ketosis,”

While you drop weight quicker than Martina Navratilova was dumped from “Dancing With The Stars,” how does that honeymoon sound with a little septum damage, a perforation in your throat, some gastrointestinal bleeding or pneumonia sound? These are all possible side effects, not to mention the shock losing weight too rapidly can place on your other organs. This feeding tube nonsense is taking it way too far.

If my Boo decided to get a feeding tube to lose weight for our wedding, I would call the whole thing off. No wonder half of all marriages end in divorce. Starving yourself before a wedding day is like robbing the very marrow out of the love you share for your partner. Your partner fell in love with you the way you looked before the wedding. If the dress doesn’t fit, find a dress that fits you and not the other way around.

Someone wrote ,”I’m getting married this fall and I completely understand the pressure to slim down. Acquaintances have been approaching me saying things like “If you want to fit in that dress by this fall, you better get moving” and “I have great advice on how you can lose some weight before your big day.”

You had better wake up from your slumber…Image

I was minding my own business

Kit Crashes Her Life

I’m not kidding. I was sitting in my massage chair at the gym, reading Harry Potter, waiting for my next customer. The morning cardio girls were pouring coffee, flirting with the gym owner and gossiping, and all I could think was, “That girl thinks she is something.” I was a little put off by her as she told the story of how she was mortified that her daughter had been suspended for fighting at school. That sounded pretty bad… except… Her daughter had punched a boy. He was a boy who had tried to look up a friend’s skirt on the bleachers at the football field. He was a boy who was a perverted little jerk, and here her mother was complaining. I would have taken my daughter out for a celebratory dinner.

I went home stewing, wishing there were some clandestine and subversive way of offering support to this…

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